Capital Innovation

While the business environment and regulatory context varies widely from country to country, the need to provide early-stage business financing while protecting the investors who provide funds is universal.


Global Focus

Cross-border collaboration is at the core of CF50’s mission. CF50’s purpose is to bring together lessons learned and best practices from around the world to encourage innovation and foster capital formation. One country’s applications of alternative financing are vastly different…


Annual Summit

The CF50 Annual Summit is an invite-only event that will bring together [250] leaders from around the globe to create an academic paper on the implications, future and trends within capital innovation. This group will not only evaluate the future…

Nominations for CF50 Summit Invitation

Nominations are now open to be considered for the CF50 Annual Summit



CF50 is the first global think tank of leaders in the alternative financing community. Alternative financing comprises securities crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and other innovative financing tools that connect the sources and users of funds without the intermediation of large financial… ...

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